Trump: the rise of stupidity

By Oscar Cuevas

Donald Trump has sent a message: American Democracy is in a crisis. November would say if citizenry is. Who won the debate?

The third presidential debate is over as well as Trump´s campaign. Once again the republican candidate has been defeated on this third edition of the worst debate ever. Both candidates followed the same path and neither of them tried to explain the most important projects as runners of the White House.

Trump called Clinton a liar and Hillary accused Donald of being misogynistic. Both candidates were more worried of telling their viewers why they should not vote for their opponent but they failed in explaining why we should give our trust to them next November.

The debate was more a show than a reflexive conversation of two governmental projects. In several episodes both candidates spoke at the same time trying to win a debate as Spartans. They believed who yelled louder would be declared winner. They were both wrong. We expected a serious debate. The should have said how they are planning on dealing with some of the most important issues America is facing now.

Both failed terribly. Perhaps, the debate showed once more than Democracy has been unable to adapt itself to the new ways of communicating politics. We remembered the all days when political marketing tried to sell us a product. Candidates, my dear friends, should not be products. Presidents must be selected based on their expertise, knowledge and cleverness on dealing with big issues.

Trump, as we have seen during the debate, is unfit, unprepared and clueless. His campaign has been based on lies. Trump has shown that, when he must face a serious debate with elaborated questions about his political plan, he is unable to answer those questions properly.

He could not answer ANY of the questions asked by the anchor and the American voters during the debate. His nonsense and obscure discourse reflected that a showman will never be fit to occupy the White House. Trump represented the conservative wing when he talked about abortion and immigration.

Trump, could not take advantage of his expertise as a business man not even to explain how his plan would diminish American debt and how his taxing plan would make America great again. Trump was unable to attract indecisive voters. His positions on each one of the topics was too conservative to convince those who are still hesitating.

On the other hand, Clinton showed once more that her expertise is her winning card. She kept saying that America will be great again only if we remain stronger together. Clinton could keep her advantage and she used an inclusive narrative to convince those who were uncertain about their vote.


Her positions towards abortion, economy, the second amend, debt and immigrants was more liberal. Her answers reflected Clinton´s awareness of, not only the most important changes regarding human rights, but also her knowledge of lobbing and how public policies and bills are approved.

Clinton affirmed that, if he is elected she would include everyone on her government while Trump kept talking to his supporters (if he still has any). While Clinton understood that she must convince those ones that have not decided yet, Trump kept saying what his already gained voters want to hear.

Once again, Trump´s personality played against him and he couldn’t revert the image that has been created towards his relationship with women and immigrants. Even though he said on his final claim that he would do more for Afro-Americans and Mexicans than Clinton, they will not forget that Donald diminished their economic, social, cultural and political impact on the American society.

At the end, Trump finished the debates with the same image that he and his opponents built around him. He has been the worst candidate with the worst messages sent on the worst campaign ever seen on the United States. Trump proved he is not only racist and misogynistic; but also, unfit, vulgar, ignorant and the symbol of the decadency of American Democracy.

While Clinton ended up on the top, showing her expertise, fitness, knowledge and will of bargaining with those that have been always considered as outsiders inside a society that has taken advantage of their need and willingness to succeed.

At the end, you will have the final decision on your hands next November. Democracy needs new voices and participation to change. And the most important voice, it´s yours.


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