Trump went low

By Oscar Cuevas

Yesterday Clinton and Trump stood against each other with the intention of winning voters for next November. Clinton pointed out several times her 30 years of experience and at a certain point explained some of her plans. Trump did not do the same.

@realDonalTrump represents the core of political marketing and at the same time, the political crisis that we have seen not only in the United States, but also around Latin America. Actors, sportsmen, anchors and comedians have taken a step into politics with no knowledge at all.

Trump reminds the way political marketing used to be done around the 60´s. Television brought the opportunity for candidates to be shown to a massive audience at the same time. As a result of this, several candidates changed their way of doing politics. Image became one of the most important things during the campaign.

The problem here was, that most candidates were produced and created for the TV, right now, studios are normally made around how citizens perceive a candidate. Emotions are melt with the issues that worries possible voters and the result of that is a story that will reproduce what has been collected in an attractive and inspiring way.

Trump has taken fear and a viral way of transmitting his message to get votes next November. The issue here is that he has promised things that he won´t be able to comply in office. Trump symbolizes everything America has been criticized for in the past: racism, classicism, imperialistic ambitions and violence against women.

His campaign has been built around prejudices and provocations. Media attention have been the main goal of his campaign. During the first debate, he showed that not only he was unfit for the presidency but also his lack of political vision. It was evident for the audience that Trump does not have a serious political project.

Trump is ok as a showman but America should not choose as its president an individual that has attacked minorities as his way of attracting possible voters. During this second debate we saw how Trump was unable to answer respectfully and patiently to the questions made by random voters.

Trump´s hate and fear strategy has backfired. Now he is perceived as a narcissistic, unfit, dumb, wrathful, misogynistic, ignorant candidate. The second debate held yesterday opposed not only two candidates but to ways of understanding and practice politics.

Marketing, based on images and fake stories and Political Communication, a technique that offers to the voters a project, based on previous governmental experiences and at the end, leaves the decision to the voters. According to CNN/ORC polls Clinton is still winning with 47% to 42% for Trump.

Trump had 90 minutes to convince America to vote for him using nonsense statements and simplifications of how politics works. Clinton took advantage of her results in 30 years of previous jobs in politics. However, in comparison with the first debate, Trump grew a bit and at a certain point of the debate could have won.

Again, as it happened during the first debate, we saw in one hand a prepared, experienced and serious woman who does politics and on the other, we saw a showman, who does not know anything about politics and does not have any idea of what he should do as president of one of the most important countries all over the world.

Trump went low, Clinton, went high. Trump couldn´t explain how he would govern because he does not have a governmental plan. Trump has lost again, just one battle remains and it seems that Clinton will arrive to the White House next November.



Un comentario en “Trump went low

  1. Anónimo dijo:

    Fue una increíble pérdida de tiempo ver el debate. Cuando Hilary intentó explicar qué iba a hacer, Donald la interrumpía. No supimos qué van a hacer si llegan a ser presidentes.

    Me gusta

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